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Employee engagement is a very important topic in all companies, and how Generali osiguranje achieves a higher engagement, we talked to Ana Bušić.

From a clerk to a team leader at Generali osiguranje, Ana Bušić has gathered an enviable experience. We talked to her about the engagement of the people in the team, measuring engagement, but also how Improv3 helped her with that.

I arrived at Generali osiguranje in 2006 as a motor vehicle clerk in the team of dear people with whom I still work today. The following year I progressed and became a motor vehicle tariff officer. After a few years of training in the Department of Motor Vehicles, I was promoted to Head of the Motor Vehicle Tariff Group.

1. How would your team and colleagues describe you?

I hope my team would describe me as a person with a positive attitude, who has confidence in them and treats them with respect. Always open to new ideas and flexible in solving various situations, not only as a person who pats you on the shoulder and cheers, but also someone who knows how to roll up his sleeves and do the job.

2. Why do you think employee engagement at work is an increasingly important topic today?

Employee engagement should be one of the most important topics in all companies because employees are one of the most important aspects of any company. When an employee is satisfied, he is committed to his job and constantly strives to do his job the best he can so that the company itself can operate successfully.

I believe that companies with highly engaged employees perform better in profitability, productivity, satisfaction, and employee retention rates. Companies that take steps to engage employees give employees a sense of respect and involvement.

3. From your experience, what is important to employees in the workplace?

Respect, an honest and fair relationship, and a positive attitude are important to every person. In addition to these things, the atmosphere and the work environment at the workplace are also important to employees. Good cooperation with colleagues in the office and help when someone needs it.

4. What do you expect from an employee to be able to consider him/her engaged?

I expect an engaged employee to be satisfied, motivated, efficient, adaptable to change and proactive.

5. What techniques do you use to motivate them and increase their productivity?

The techniques I use to motivate the team are paying attention to them, taking care of their working conditions. I let them know that I respect them and that their work is appreciated. It is also important to listen to employees at all times and in different ways, to be open to feedback and their ideas.

6. What do you think reduces engagement, where are the biggest pitfalls?

The biggest pitfalls, ie the reduction of team engagement, are when the team does not have clear goals, does not give feedback to team members, does not keep promises and does not have a clear direction.

7. How important is engagement for company branding and attracting new talent?

Commitment to the company branding as well as to attracting new talent is very important. One should give the impression that the company is open, which includes associates, and that the people who run the company communicate with new candidates (and clients). The company needs to have a human face.

8. After measuring employee engagement and accessing results, how did you use this data to increase engagement?

After measuring employee engagement and accessing team results, I achieved increased engagement by sharing with my people everything that achieves good results in the company and even beyond. We emphasized our strengths – us as employees and the company we work for.

What I liked the most when using the Improv3 platform, is that I can find out the anonymous opinion of my team and what level of satisfaction the team has. Sharing results with the team increases team engagement.

Sharing your victories and thus bringing joy to the workplace is advice I would recommend to other teams.

If you want to increase your team’s engagement, get employee feedback in real time and influence the progress of the entire company – try Improv3.

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