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Improv3 focuses on employee engagement so you can focus on your business growth and continually improve from within.
Importance of measurement
Retain top talent
In today's tight economy, finding and retaining top talent has been recognized as one of the top challenges facing company leaders. Companies that fail to adapt to the pace of change by creating an organizational culture where employees feel valued and engaged risk their entire business. Improv3 helps you discover key indicators of disengagement at the very beginning and prevent the costs of employee disengagement.
Improve engagement
According to the Gallup survey, companies with highly engaged employees show 21% greater profitability and outperform those with disengaged employees by 202%. Stop wasting time in guesswork and start measuring employee engagement with Improv3 to get real time, actionable feedback.
Get real-time insights
The modern economy requires adaptability, innovation and forward-looking strategies. In line with this idea, Improv3 offers companies of any size and industry the convenience of digitizing the employee survey process. You can access the reports with actionable data in real time and start making better decisions instantly.
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